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[19 Mar 2007 | Comments Off on Why Optimizing for fast web view is not optimal for forms | ]

I recently stumbled across a very insightful post by Max Wyss about “one of the little secrets of Acrobat since version 4″, which could be very useful for anyone who creates PDF forms for the web. Basically, if you create a PDF form for the web and you save the document with “Optimize for Fast Web View” turned on, then it has the opposite affect and actually makes the PDF form slower to load in a browser.
To find out the reason for this, read the full article here.
All this fast that …

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[18 Mar 2007 | One Comment | ]

I have been using a handy Firefox Add-on called PDF Download for the past few months. This add-on allows you to specify whether you want to view a PDF file inside your Firefox browser or if you want to download it to your desktop. Without this add-on any PDF links that you click on would open directly inside your browser, which is not some peoples preferred option.

Of course you still need have a PDF Reader installed to be able to view PDFs whether they be on your desktop or in …