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Question: How do I link to a PDF on my website or blog?

3 Aug 2007 | | 5 Comments

Creating a link to a PDF on your website or blog is pretty straight forward as long as you are able to upload files to the hosting server. Once the PDF file has been uploaded it’s simply a matter of linking to where the PDF is located and your web browser will take care of the rest, there is no magic trick to it.

If you have your own domain then doing this is relatively simple — just upload the PDF to your root directory or a sub-directory and format your links like the below, depending on where the file is located:

root directory —> http://www.mydomain.com/mytodolist.pdf
sub-directory —> http://www.mydomain.com/files/mytodolist.pdf

The biggest problem with linking to PDFs from blogs is that not all blogging services allow you to upload files, but if they do, it’s simply a matter of linking to wherever the file has been uploaded to. You should also take into account the usability aspects of linking to PDFs on your website — read one of my previous posts about putting PDF links on web pages.

As for what happens when a user clicks on one of these links, that depends on which PDF reader they have installed. If they have Adobe Reader installed then the PDF will by default open in the browser (which can be a bit of a headache), but if they have something like Foxit Reader, or no PDF reader installed, then they will simply be prompted to download the file to their desktop.

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  • akosidnis said:

    how about embedding the pdf file or or any other large file into your site. I just uploaded a 774-page PDF file to my blog using scribd. check how i did it here. hope it helps.

  • Marion said:

    My pdfs are opening in symbols? Why?

  • PDFalert said:

    Hi Marion,

    Do you have a PDF viewer installed? Are you trying to view these PDFs in a browser or on your desktop? If there on your website, can you share the link with us?

  • PDFalert said:

    Hi akosidnis, thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out.

  • AcrobatPlanet said:

    If you use drupal, you can use gotwo module. With this module, you can link all file easily. Not only pdf.
    You can see my site for example.

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