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Dear Adobe: love it or hate it – a little user feedback

27 Aug 2008 | | No Comment

No matter how much you like a particular piece of software, there’s almost certainly something about it that irks you, whether it be the installer, the start-up time, a bug that never gets fixed or featuritis. Enter Dear Adobe, a place where you can vent about Adobe products until your heart’s content.

Submit your own gripes or rate other peoples, with a Love It or Hate It tag. The results of the voting are shown on the Top 50 Gripes page, which makes for some interesting reading.

The top gripes are pretty clear:

  • Loosen DRM restrictions and lower prices.
  • Speed up application launch time.
  • Drastically improve the installer and the updates process.
  • Standardize the interface between all Adobe applications.

The good news is that if you choose to vent on this site then you won’t be venting into a black whole. Apparently some staff at Adobe have taken notice of the feedback provided on the site and have even requested the sites independent creators to add a few features that help them process the feedback.

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