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e-billing, it’s good for profit, ooops, I mean the environment

19 Aug 2008 | | No Comment

I’m pleased to hear that companies (such as 3G Hutchinson [and banks, gas, fuel, etc…]) are beginning to only provide their bills in electronic form, or rather they ask for $2 fee for every bill if you choose to stick with the parchment. Of course, I do find the cynic in me cringes at the attention they draw to the assistance they’re “providing to the environment”, rather than admitting that a significant additional reason is the lower-cost for them — all things remaining equal.

Don’t get me wrong, I gave up on paper a long long time ago… I just wish companies would be straight up. It reminds me of the whenever-you-call-for-support-prelude, “we’re recording this call for eduational and training purposes” — hmmm, more likely, you mean you’re recording it as evidence.

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