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Google in a box…

19 Aug 2008 | | No Comment

We’re all well aware of just how integrated Google (and the internet in general) has become with the Western world. Almost an inseparable part of our our lives, in such a short amount of time (well, at least mine anyway). My internet connection went haywire a few weeks back, and given I’ve already burnt all my books, I felt like I was Giligan on Giligan’s Island …. by myself.

So that said, I was pretty pleased to see that Google’s has revised yet-another technical masterpiece from its labs…

“The new Google Search Appliance can search up to 10 million documents using only a single box, and provides a personalized search experience for end users.”

A price isn’t immediately obvious from the US site, it’s the usual “Contact sales” so we can price it based on how much money you have. Ha, can you imagine going to a supermarket to buy a bunch of a bananas with “Contact our fruit specialist” and we’ll work out a deal with you.

Although with a bit of searching and video watching you can find it’s about $30K… not quite as cheap as the bunch of bananas, but for an enterprise, pretty much bang on a good deal.

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