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Re-riding the bullet and Planet eBook

17 Aug 2008 | | No Comment

As a follow on from my previous post, for those interested in PDF-based eBooks, I should draw your attention to the free books site Planet eBook — a site I co-founded with Planet PDF.

Whilst it’s now dedicated to to publishing a variety of classics — as unlocked free ebooks (and if requested, will hunt one down and perform the conversion for you) — at the time, it was dedicated to “hot off the press” news related to eBooks, which was front and center circa 2000.

One of the more interesting stories we covered was based around one of the earliest Hollywood-style releases of an eBook, it was called “Riding the Bullet”, penned by Stephen King.

Now whilst the ‘bullet’ has been well and truly ridden by now, it really was big news at the time:

Over 400,000 copies of “Riding the Bullet” were downloaded in the first 24 hours – that’s 4.62 per second.

Digital Rights Management, server-capacity, being unable to print the book, unable to read-aloud, use of a specific reader — all of these issues were hotly debated.

If you’re interested, you can get a copy of a preview with the first seven pages, and/or you can buy the full version from Simon & Schuster for $1.63 — not a bad price for a piece of history.

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