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Robots and Project Gutenberg

17 Aug 2008 | | One Comment

I’d presume that most of you will have heard of Project Gutenberg, it’s the non-profit organization started by Michael S. Hart, with a mission:

“To encourage the creation and distribution of ebooks in as many formats as possible for the entire world to read in as many languages as possible.”

Only public domain books are added, and there’s a few restrictions based on re-use of a Gutenberg title, with the brand intact, although if the Gutenberg reference is removed, a reader is free to do what they will with it — fancy a new ending to Homer’s “The Odyssey”?

Given my particular interest in robotics, I’m enthralled with the notion and operation of a robotic book scanner, the like of which is being used to scan books for digital archives such as Gutenberg.

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