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Rosebud acquires a patent*

31 Aug 2008 | | One Comment

Rosebud PLM has moved to the next level with its WYSIWYG collaboration tool, Rosebud, based around Adobe PDF.

They announce that:

…”our unique method of collaboration on the Web — ‘Method and Software for enabling N-way collaboration work over the network for computers’ is officially designated as ‘patent pending’.”

and that….

Rosebud enables full lifecycle document review and supports both concurrent and independent collaboration in single platform independent software solution.

I have not had a chance to spend a great deal of time working with Rosebud myself — other than the original demo I saw quite a few years ago. Needless to say, much work has been done, so for those who are evaluating a variety of other web-conferencing tools, it’s definitely worth a look.

Early adopters can download a trial. And you can contact Rosebud directly for more details.

* Patent pending

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