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Save Everything!

19 Aug 2008 | | No Comment

Over the past three years the California Research Center has been working on what they say is a radically simple approach to personal document management.

They call this “Save everything!”

Unlike most document management systems, Save Everything! is primarily focused on capturing information that runs through hardware systems, such as printers, copiers, and fax machines … with ‘zero effort’.

Their report states that:

Overall, we captured 38,384 documents comprising 152,251 pages and saved them in 12 Gbytes of disk space.

One of the key features was the method of retrieval without worrying about paths, keywords, filenames and so on — I’d guess you’d call this Google-style.

Like I did, you can pick up a copy of the article from March 2001, IEEE’s Inovative Technology for Computing Professionals for $19.

Well, with Hitachi (and other vendors) hoping to have a 5TB 3.5 inch hard drive on the market by 2010, you really could Save Everything!

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