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Slow, tagged and steady wins the race

14 Aug 2008 | | One Comment

Although it might seem a little tedious, take the time to add tags, properties and info about a file when you want to rush it out the door — it will save you an incredible amount of time when you’re looking to retrieve it later. And it can give you a much better idea about the relevance of a document, without leafing through its contents

How do you find and edit this info? — if you can’t do it within your creation app (usually listed under ‘Properties’) — then you can do it afterwards.

HOWTO: Ctrl-click on a file, and choose Properties on the context menu. The first tab contains General information about a file, its size, creation date, and so on.

General tab

General tab

The second, and more useful from a management perspective is the Summary tab.

Summary tab

Summary tab

Within the Summary tab you have access to the Title, Author, Subject, Category, Keywords and comments of a document.

In fact, you’ll usually find that a lot of this information is completed from within the application producer, such as Microsoft Offfice, OpenOffice, iTunes and Picasa.

Complete this info, and hey presto! — you’ve a much more complete document to file away, and something to easily come back to another day…

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