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Tip for extracting content from PDFs into Excel files

15 Aug 2008 | | No Comment

There’s a useful tip from Karl in the comments section for the post Free Online PDF Converts on how to extract text from a PDF into an Excel file, for free. I thought I’d share it with everyone:

Download Foxit Reader 2.3 from Foxit Software at http://www.foxitsoftware.com/.

1. Fire it up and open the document.
2. Activate the selection tool.
3. Highlight the table that you want to convert.
4. Copy it to the clipboard.
5. Open Notepad and paste the text.
6. Save the file and open in Excel.
7. The Text Import Wizard should display.
8. Use the Delimited option and follow the instructions to locate the cell boundaries.
9. Click Finish and Voila!

Now if you have to do this for more than 1 or 2 files (which hopefully have only a few tables), then you probably need to consider another method.

Note: you need to you use Foxit Reader rather than Adobe Reader in order to recognize the cell boundaries. Adobe Reader will put your data in one long list

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