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10 tips for a happier PDF life

22 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

Reena over at Investintech.com has come up with an innovative list of 10 tips that can make working with PDFs easier. My top 3 favorite tips are:

4. Add bookmarks to your PDFs.

Bookmark lengthy PDFs. There’s nothing more irritating than having to blindly scroll and Ctrl +G your way through a PDF you just created. Toggling back between the TOC and your pages means eyestrain, permanent frowns and headaches, which are the most common and most fatiguing ailments in the workplace. Having your pages visually indexed on the side, will save you and your recipients a bottle of Aspirin.

5. Redact your files.

Something close to a heart attack will usually come when, despite having set and re-checked your PDF security settings, you realize that confidential information has just been sent out. A pounding heart and high levels of stress due to that “uh-oh” feeling are definitely unpleasant reactions to have. One cure to this: redaction. Redacting your PDF files can block out and even eliminate text and graphics from your PDF completely. There are redaction tools easily available online and should be added to your PDF toolbox before you heart gives out in a panic.

7. Follow PDF/X and PDF/A subset standards.

There’s nothing more disappointing like preparing a PDF only to find out that you haven’t prepared it as well as you should have. Having to redo your work can heighten the stress levels when you’re already swamped with a million other things to do. When preparing a PDF for any type of publication or archiving, whether it be on a large or small scale, use pre-flighting tools and refer to archival standards. They’ll help you create a PDF that won’t add to your to-do list.

Read the full article and 10 tips here.

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