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$95 bucks for a 3D PDF creation suite from QuadriSpace

30 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

QuadriSpace have recently announced the launch of their self-titled tool, QuadriSpace, which provides a complete set of authoring tools to create powerful 3D files. Whilst I haven’t tried this myself, the concept sounds pretty exciting — they say that you can:

…author documents from scratch and share these as 3D PDF documents complete with text, tables, multiple pages, markups and clickable bookmarks that animate between 3D views.

They also say that full interactive documents can be created without the use of hand-coded JavaScript, and that the general process of working with and maintaining the 3D docs is as easy as using PowerPoint (that’s easy, right?).  Well, there’s a demo version, so I’m going to download it and give it a shot, I just hope I don’t need to wear those red and blue 3D glasses.

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