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A GreenPrint White Paper on reducing printed pages

30 Sep 2008 | | 2 Comments

GreenPrint Technologies have written a White Paper on how GreenPrint can be used to reduce the number of pages that you print to paper from PDF. The idea behind GreenPrint is simple — it reviews your document before printing and highlights any pages to you that it thinks you may not want to print. You can easily discard unwanted pages or text and image elements with a couple of simple clicks.

The White Paper covers the real cost of printing, the myth of the paperless office and how GreenPrint can help.

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  • Leonard Kazmier said:

    As a retired professor who viewed a CNN program about you, I am very interested in a supposed free download of your program. However, maybe because I have a modem hookup, the above article was not readable to me because of type size. Can you provide more info about the “free’ download, so I can avoid printing all those ads?

  • Rowan Hanna said:

    Hi Leonard, GreenPrint’s website is located here: http://www.printgreener.com/

    The free application can be downloaded from this link:

    Unfortunately the installer is 22.69MB so it will take sometime to download with your dial-up connection.

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