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Acrobat 9 an “emergence into adulthood”

19 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

Back in November 2006, Thad McIlroy, publishing consultant and analyst from The Future of Publishing sent a scathing letter to the Planet PDF Editor, Dan Shea:

I think that Acrobat 8 is one of the weakest upgrades I’ve seen in years. Adobe is apparently angry with me for saying so, but that’s just Adobe getting all imperial, as it does (as do so may so may other U.S. organizations, like the old Republican administration).

However, with version 9 — Thad thinks that Adobe has provided a elegant upgrade:

Adobe Acrobat has evolved in so many ways like a growing child. Version 1 was released by Adobe on June 15, 1993, initially for Macintosh only. Software versions offer us no real clue as to a product’s age. Acrobat is now just over 15 years old, but I believe that Version 9 marks its emergence into true adulthood.

Read his article in full here at Planet PDF.

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