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Cold off the press…

9 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

As you’d well know, you can grab the latest “news” from a plethora of sources on a variety of devices — email, web, phone, whatever…. some of the technophobic amongst us even use paper!

But what do you do when you want the oldest news — back before the Gold Rush (well, perhaps not quite that long ago). Well, if Google has their way, it’ll be stored in their Google News Archive — as they work hand-in-hand with publishers to digitize their content — ripe and ready for you to search through. They say that over time, they’ll even start to blend this data in with normal search results.

You can find out more from Google’s post – Bringing history online, one newspaper at a time.

Although no one’s mentioned it, I’m guessing that there might be a few spare second jobs available for scanner-savvy persons?

Quick quiz: Does anyone feel like they’re beginning to depend on Google quite a lot these days …?

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