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Digitizing Paper is a New Cottage Industry

15 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

Josh Catone over at Sitepoint takes a look at how digitizing paper is becoming a new cottage industry:

If you’re like me, you have a filing cabinet full of paper. Health insurance forms, utility bills, car service records, tax receipts, etc. It piles up fast and keeping track of it all is something of a pain in the butt. For virtual teams, with employees scattered around the globe, the pain caused by piles of paper can be more pronounced. Over the past year or two, a handful of startups have emerged that help digitize your paper documents and sort and store them online.

Some of the products he has unearthed are fairly niche. For example, Earth Class Mail helps you to handle your mail by giving you an online PO box that you can have your mail sent to — and from there is is scanned, stored online, and email to you. Pretty smooth.

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