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Extra, extra — read all about it, textbooks given away free (well, cheaply)!

29 Sep 2008 | | One Comment

An up-and-coming company, Flat World Knowledge plans to go live in January 2009, offering an alternative way for students to purchase their textbooks (in mostly digital form). Online versions will be free, PDF versions will be cheap, and print on demand versions will be modestly priced. You’ll be able to view these on devices such as Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s e-Book reader, and so on.

All of the electronic versions will be DRM-free, meaning that even though it is not legal to copy for friends, it is possible (and quite easily so). FWIW, Flat World has only 19 books available so far and is in the process of building a greater body of content.

Personally, it sounds to me that they’re on the right path — whilst fiction books will probably take a little longer to sell in droves in electronic form, I don’t think (well, hope) anyone reads textbooks for the “fun of it”. 

Consequently, not having to carry them, pay (much) for them – probably suits students just fine… Get the whole scoop at seattlepi.com

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