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Indexing Digital (Electronic) Documents — It’s Not an Option; Pay Now or Pay (More) Later

15 Sep 2008 | | One Comment

I recently came across a very interesting article from the School of Information at the University of Texas. The article, Indexing Digital (Electronic) Documents — It’s Not an Option; Pay Now or Pay (More) Later, explores the differences between field-based and full-text-based indexing and explains why they recommend using both. They also cover:

Tangible and intangible organizational benefits of indexing digital documents are outlined. The various costs associated with indexing are detailed, and specific price information from service bureaus is presented. Recommendations for choosing an EDMS are included, as well as a model for assessing the organization’s indexing needs.

Well worth reading if you’re interested in document management.

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  • Justin Lipton said:

    If you’re able to recognize patterns or rules that apply to your documents, templates or document automation software may be able to eliminate the need for indexing (and paper based copies for that matter).

    Your business documents can be viewed as consisting of content (fixed wording) and a data payload (this is the variable stuff) and the data payload is typically what you really care about and want to search on – things like dates, amounts, country, state, whether a certain provision is included or excluded etc.

    You can see a demo of this type of approach at:

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