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Lost your copy of the Kama Sutra?

9 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

I’ve had a (long) long-time interest in ebooks — back in 2000, I even devised a device called the Paper-Simulator 3000 (almost patent pending) — its main aim was to provide a method by which paper-book-addicts could migrate across to ebook reading. 

Complete with a strap on leather binder, dried-ink odour dispenser, and a motorised random paper-cut module it really was quite an ‘idea-of-the-day’.

But 8 years later, it seems it’s just not required… people are just (generally) happy to read ebooks — and are becoming more so. And not just on non-fiction titles (as in, the sort of titles you can imagine people reading for training purposes). Nope, according to my friend and long-time business colleague, Stephen Cole, CEO of eBooks.com says fiction captures almost 70% of the subject titles purchased from his site.

With Stephen’s permission, I’ve included a PDF breakdown of the sales by region, sales by subject, revenue by subject, and consumer preferences.  A few other stats of interest — Adobe PDF-based  ebooks take the gold at 68%, Microsoft Reader follows with a silver at 25% and MobiPocket trails for the bronze at 7%.

Within the fiction category, SciFi, Romance, Erotica and General Fiction are pretty much evenly weighted. And Stephen tells me that within non-fiction, Religion out-sells sex — wow,  I guess everyone must already have their copy of the Kama Sutra?!

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