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NeatReceipts tidies its name, and wants to tidy your desktop too!

30 Sep 2008 | | One Comment

Cnet news is reporting that NeatReceipts has decided that using the word receipts in their company name was a little too restrictive, and that from now, they’d prefer to be known as The Neat Company.

Along with the branding change, The Neat Company also released a new product called the NeatDesk (photo below).




NeatDesk includes a 50-page document feeder and supports duplex scanning as well — best of all, it’s small, so it can rest easy on your desktop, and quietly tidy it.

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  • Karl De Abrew said:

    Actually, this looks like a fantastic product — I’ve been working through a variety of duplex-scanners myself to try to eliminate the remaining paper-based documents in my filing system. This seems like a solution definitely worth checking out…

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