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Organize your PDF library with iTunes

18 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

Do you think iTunes is the best thing since sliced bread for organizing your music? If so, you might be interested in an article on lifehacker that advocates the use of iTunes for organizing your PDFs too.

iTunes supports PDFs so you can add them to the library and then add them to playlists or filter them using smart playlists, just like you can music. It’s even possible to create multiple libraries with iTunes, so you don’t need to mix up your tax records with your Rage Against the Machine music collection.

For full details read the full lifehacker article: Organize your PDF library with iTunes.

P.S. I recommend reading through the comments — there’s a pretty good discussion going on about the merits of this idea. I’m personally a bit of a purist: I want to organize my music with an application that was designed specifically for music, and ditto with PDFs and documents.

Disclosure: the company I work for, Debenu, creates a document management system.

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