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Project Paper-less

8 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

Despite decades of talk about the fabled paperless office, consumption of paper has continued to grow exponentially. In Australia, 1.4 million tonnes of printing and fine paper are used every year, with the average paper document being copied 19 times. And to add insult to injury, it’s estimated that only 11% of office paper is being recycled.

Enter Project Paper-less. An organization that’s making an audacious call-to-action for Australians to take up the challenge of reducing their paper usage at home and in the office.

Project Paper-less aims to:

Project Paper-less aims to tackle the over consumption of paper by offering effective solutions for offices across the country. It is a much needed call to action. Project Paper-less also represents a corporate alliance of Australian companies that have already united in using paper-less technologies to not only cut their paper use, but also increase efficiency and accountability along the way.

There is also a short video presentation available:

Project paper-less is certainly a worth while cause and we encourage all Australian businesses to get involved. Here’s some final statistics that might help to motivate you from the Department of Environment and Climate Chat (NSW) 2007:

Recycling one tonne of paper would save 17 trees, 31,000 litres of water and 4,100 kwh of electricity.

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