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The Amazon Kindle – a real firestarter? Top five comments…

14 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

Now about 10 months from its release in mid-to-late November in 2007 — enough time has passed to see what people really think of Amazon’s Kindle.

For those who haven’t owned one, used one, or otherwise seen one – you can find a floating copy of the original introduction video here on YouTube – The Amazon Kindle.

I’ve read through a slew of reviews ranging from the unimpressed, well-thought out response of “meh”, to the equal expression of literary genius, “it’s amazing” … and consequently compiled a (relatively) even-handed list below of more detailed comments (with titles added by me):

1. Digital ink is easy to digest

What is really innovative, and different from reading a book displayed on a PDA screen is the use of digital ink! It is a proven fact that our brains have a much easier time reading from a printed document than from a back-lit surface. I’m one of those who need to get a hardcopy of a document that I really want to digest so this looks quite exciting…





I like PAPER
I like the SMELL of books
I like the WEIGHT of books
I like seeing a STACK of books
I like having a book that comes from a used bookstore that has stains, dog-eared pages, writing, traces of HUMANITY!!!

I’m a WRITER and I dont think this is good for literature AT ALL!!! NO! NO! NO!

A book wont break if you drop it AND you dont need to charge its battery.


3. Bookstores will be a thing of the past, in a version or two…

<snipped> This saves travelling to a book store, using paper for books and shipping books here and there (to either the customer or from the publisher to the book store). Yes, the local book shop will be a thing of the past.

<joined> I will get one when they are improved. A color screen will get me interested. I would imagine my subscription to Hustler won’t look so good in B&W…

Early adopters will pay the R&D and deal with bugs. I think in 1-2 years this will be pretty cool.


4. Nothing like the real-thing

Devices like Kindle will never reproduce or replace the genuine authenticity, nostalgia, and usefulness of real paper and ink.


5. Another one bites the dust

funny, they said the same when first cars went out (my horse is faster). or digital camera. the mp3 players. i hope i’ll never waste time going to a bookstore…



If you’ve got one — feel free to jump in and comment on your experience…

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