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The Future of Newspapers

27 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

Thad McIlroy (The Future of Publishing) has written a detailed analysis on The Future of Newspapers. Overall his rating for the future of the newspaper industry is negative. Here are some excerpts:

On the surface, newspaper publishing in North America appears to be in big trouble; but then, the newspaper industry been in ever-increasing trouble for a long time.

He goes on to write:

An article from late 2006 in the American Journalism Review takes the newspaper circulation data a step further in pointing out that “in 1950 there were 1,772 dailies with a total circulation of 53.8 million and 549 Sunday papers with 46.6 million. But since 1980, the number and circulation of dailies has declined fairly steadily, slipping to 1,452 last year, with circulation down to 53.3 million – below where it was 55 years ago, despite nearly a doubling in the size of the national population.” (Italics mine.)

Read the full analysis here: The Future of Newspapers

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