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Tips on text in scanned PDFs and converting to PDF and OCR'ing scanned images

10 Sep 2008 | | One Comment

I just want to quickly spotlight two very useful posts today on text in PDFs, and OCR’d scanned images. 

The first is from Jonathan Bowman’s AEC & EPC Blog where he covers how to covert scanned images to PDF and then OCR them, using Adobe Acrobat:

The first step is to simply locate the scanned image and then convert it to pdf.  Now there are several ways to do this, such as File – Create PDF – From File, right click on document and choose convert to PDF, or just simple drag and drop the file or files into an open Acrobat window…

To OCR the document you simply select from the top tool menu Document – OCR Text Recognition – Recognize Text Using OCR which will bring up the following dialogue box.

The second is from The PDF Blog and it covers how text works in OCR’d and scanned PDF files:

In the case of text, however, for a simple scanned PDF document, it is not searchable and editable (with a PDF editor like Nitro Pro) the way you might expect — the text still part of the digitized image created during the scan.

I recommend reading both posts.

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  • Darine said:

    how can i convert my text document to Image using OCR
    all i found i converting image to text.


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