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Who needs a Kindle, when you’ve got an Eee PC

1 Sep 2008 | | 4 Comments

Up until recently I had been thinking about buying a Kindle. From the reviews I’ve read, it sounds pretty good, and not having to carry around physical books is a real bonus.

So as preparation for buying a Kindle I thought I’d try reading a few e-books on my Eee PC, to see if I could stand reading books on an electronic device.

It turns out that a) I don’t mind reading books on an electronic device, if the device is right, and b) I don’t need a Kindle any more because I found the Eee PC to be a really good device for reading e-books. Here’s why:

  • it’s small in size — easy to hold and carry
  • it doesn’t heat up like a regular laptop – so you can actually rest it on your lap
  • it’s quiet — a winning point in my opinion, there’s nothing less tranquil than your laptops fan going at full-speed
  • no restriction on file formats — I can read e-books in any file format I choose (the Kindle makes you convert them to its proprietary format)

So there you have it. The Eee PC makes a great e-book reading device, whether you’re on a plane, on the couch or in bed.

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  • mike b said:

    But how long does the battery last on the eee? I have an Irex Iliad and am happy to get 9 hours. I’ve never seen a better time in a laptop. Does the Eee do better?

  • Rowan Hanna said:

    It certainly doesn’t last 9 hours, that’s for sure.

    For me the eee usually lasts about two hours, maybe a little more. Which is perfect for short plane trips or reading at home, but might not be suitable if you’re planning a long trip and won’t have regular access to a power supply.

    I hadn’t heard of the iRex iLiad before, it looks pretty good.

  • Karl De Abrew said:

    I’ve found my eeepc (FWIW, I find it very difficult to say this and usually resort to e3pc). Whilst I’ve the 7″ screen model, I find it brilliant for eBook reading — keeping in mind, it’s much more than an eBook reader. It’s basically a very slimmed down laptop and can be used for writing, editing, publishing, and so on…

  • reading device said:

    it would be another good reading device option instead of Kindle. How about IPAD i think this is more friendlier than Kindle and ipad right?

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