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XPS, variable data and templates

15 Sep 2008 | | No Comment

A new blog post from NiXPS, XPS Variable Data example with the NiXPS SDK, details how NiXPS SDK can be used to combine an XPS template and data pulled from a database.

This process is called variable data processing and saves you time and money when you need to fill out the same template (e.g. an Invoice form) multiple times — with every occurrence using changing data.

From XPS Variable Data example with the NiXPS SDK:

The reason I say that XPS really shines here, is for a few reasons:

  • It is very easy (and free) to generate XPS templates. And with the fact that XPS generation software is default available by default in Vista, all sorts of exciting applications become easier than before.
  • The inherent quality of XPS being ‘self contained’ make it a very good container as a template. And not ‘a specific type of XPS’, all XPS. 
  • The XPS format is XML based, and current XPS generators take full advantage of this. In combination with a powerful library like our NiXPS SDK, this becomes a very efficient way of generating a large amount of print ready documents, very quickly.
  • With XPS viewing capabilities becoming more widespread (also default Vista), it starts to become feasible to distribute the generated XPS copies directly to users, providing them with a personalized electronic copy they can print themselves.
  • Our SDK only modifies the bare minimum (only the text constructs and the font in the example), most of the file stays literally the same. This means a lot less overhead processing (we do not parse the XPS to an object model, to then write it out again, potentially completely changed). This way we can guarantee that the quality of the output matches the input. Also, this allows you to combine this work flow with other XPS processing, as our SDK doesn’t touch (nor rewrites) XPS constructs it doesn’t need to touch.
  • Side note: the same functionality is also available for PDFs via products like ARTS PDF Variform Plus.

    Disclosure: Karl De Abrew owns shares in Nitro PDF Inc, which is the company that makes ARTS PDF Variform Plus.

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