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A one-stop shop of Acrobat JavaScript resources…

7 Oct 2008 | | No Comment

When many people think of PDF, they think of a static document – purely an electronic representation of the printed page.

Almost a photograph, if you like — but (as you probably know) that just isn’t so.

PDF is truly dynamic — allowing both electronic forms and JavaScript-rich documents that come alive, allowing all sorts of information to be whisked around from place-to-place.

OK, so let’s say that you’re keen to add this advanced whiz-bang-ery to your documents. We’ll, aside from scouring the web for code snippets and/or posting in forums praying and hoping for a member of the JavaScript Emergency Services to come to your rescue — you’ve had 770 options. 680 of them being the number of pages in the Acrobat JavaScript Scripting Reference, and the other 90 coming from the Acrobat JavaScript Reference Guide.

Scintillating stuff for sure — guaranteed to put anyone to sleep in less than 5 minutes, or your money back!

But — no longer, WindJack Solutions, long known within the industry as being one of the foremost experts when it comes to Acrobat and PDF JavaScript, have compiled the best of all of their knowledge into a single resource at pdfscripting.com.

They call it:

The most comprehensive, organized, affordable and convenient training resource available for learning and/or enhancing your skills with Acrobat and PDF JavaScript.

At $99 USD for a yearly membership (including over 7 hours of in-depth video tutorials) — I call it “commonsense” — why waste your own time hand-coding solutions when you can cut-and-paste the work of experts, and be up and running in minutes with your own souped-up PDFs.

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