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Electronic Readers Will Replace Paper Textbooks

7 Oct 2008 | | 2 Comments

The days of paper textbooks in School classrooms are numbered. The prospect of being able to carry around all of your schools books on one electronic device — with the data backed up on the web, of course — will be too great for many to resist. How long will it take? Who knows, but 5-10 years is a reasonable guess.

With the release of the Kindle, Sony Reader, iRex Digital Reader and Plastic Logic Reader, among others, we are seeing the future home of textbooks taking shape. While some of the devices might be a little clumsy and awkward at the moment — you can bet your bottom dollar that in five years time, evolution will have done it’s thing, and we will have some outstanding electronic reading devices to work with.

The benefits to students will be enormous — not having to carry around big and heavy paper books, being able to purchase school books online with just a few simple clicks, paying less, ability to search the content of ebooks, potential for multimedia interaction in ebooks, etc, the list goes on.

While old school types might bristle at the idea, the YouTube generation will take to it like bees to honey.

Simply put, electronic readers in the classroom, is only a matter of time.

Bring it on.

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  • Italian students ditch books for PCs said:

    […] wrote yesterday how I think that it is inevitable that electronic readers will ultimately replace paper textbooks […]

  • K. S. Matsuo said:

    I read a few negative reviews but maybe those people are just negative people that have a lot to complain about. My kindle has very little glare I have to seriously position it to make a glare on the screen. Jeez it’s plastic not actually paper so it’s gonna have a little glare but I had to intentionally find direct light just to see what some people were talking about. It would be nice to control the contrast of the screen but no complaints here. It’s easy on the eyes and thin. If you read a lot then you will love it. Way better than lugging a bunch of books around. By the way, there are some free kindle books you just have to find them, they are mostly classics and older titles.

    Here is a petition to Amazon to create an update to give the capability to change the screen contrast and create a darker text.

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