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Macworld.com on working with Acrobat 9 Pro

1 Oct 2008 | | No Comment

Macworld.com take a look at the state of Acrobat and the PDF format in this article — Working with Acrobat 9 Pro — by James Dempsey. In the article he writes that while he quite likes the improved interface and performance in Acrobat 9, he fears that the original intention of Acrobat, or at least the original value of a file you couldn’t mess with, has been forgotten.

Some excerpts:

Acrobat 9’s interface is very Mac-like. The icons are intuitive, and the polished appearance of toolbars, windows and dialog boxes is a welcome addition for Mac users. Acrobat is quite user-friendly for both the newbie and experienced user.

He goes on to talk about feature creep in Acrobat:

Back in the day, Acrobat PDFs were the perfect universal file format. Once a file was saved as a PDF, you pretty much had the options of reading, writing, or printing it—and nothing else. Looking back, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Over the years, Adobe has added feature-after-feature to Acrobat to make it more flexible and more widely adopted.

And concludes with this:

Whether or not you like the new features constantly being added, or you long for the days of the simple file format of yesteryear, Acrobat and the PDF format is here to stay. The only question is: will it remain the simple universal file format it started out as?

Read the full article here: Working with Acrobat 9 Pro.

Macworld.com wrote another review of Acrobat 9 Pro in July which is worth reading and can be found here.

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