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New XPS Viewer from Software Imaging

1 Oct 2008 | | One Comment

Software Imaging have released a new XPS viewer as a free download. The viewer uses Software Imaging’s own PrintMagicXPS technology to render the XPS documents, which differs from other XPS viewers because it is developed in C++ native code, and therefore has no dependency on .Net or managed code.

Features include:

  • High quality rasterizer which leverages Software Imaging’s PrintMagicXPS technology
  • Full compliance with the XPS 1.0 specification
  • Easy to use and view your XPS documents
  • Priority given to the rendering of the first page of a multiple page XPS document
  • Multi-threaded application for improved performance on multi-core systems
  • Developed in C++ native code, therefore no dependency on .Net and managed code
  • Two rendering modes: Aliased and Anti-Aliased
  • Zoom and rotate views
  • Colour management

Screenshot of XPS Viewer:

Screenshot of XPS Viewer

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