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PDF UNdo Online – Free PDF to Word Converter

23 Oct 2008 | | No Comment

The team behind PDF UNdo, a desktop PDF to Word converter, have taken their technology to the web and released PDF UNdo Online, a 100% free online PDF to Word converter.

I think this is a very smart move. As you all probably know, there are quite a few free PDF creators out there –online and on the desktop — but there aren’t that many free PDF to Word converters, anywhere. I’m confident this new online service will get a lot of visitors, if the number of questions I have fielded about PDF to Word conversion over the years, is any indication of the popularity of this type of functionality.

So what’s the quality of the conversion like? Well, pretty good in general. I have included an example of one PDF to Word conversion below. To get some perspective, I also converted the same PDF to Word using Acrobat 8 Pro, to see how the results stacked up. Here are the results:

Iris_PDF_file.pdf (386 KB) — Original PDF

Iris_PDF_file-Acrobat8Pro.doc (1,024 KB) — Acrobat 8 Pro conversion of Word doc 

Iris_PDF_file-PDFUNdoOnline.doc (3,757 KB) — PDF Undo Online conversion of Word doc

As you can see, the results were decent overall — taking into account that PDF to Word conversion is generally a difficult process, depending on how the PDF was originally created — and PDF Undo Online and Acrobat 8 both performed well in different areas (Acrobat did well at font handling + file size, PDF UNdo Online did well with the overall layout).

Unlike Acrobat, PDF UNdo Online doesn’t give you the option to specify any conversion settings: output format for images, image resolution, color space, etc. But for the average user, I don’t believe that will be an issue — and for the average user, who does not already own Acrobat, free is better than US$299.00.

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