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PDFs not so web-fast for Chrome users

21 Oct 2008 | | One Comment

Don Fluckinger of PDFzone.com reports that the latest Web-browser from Google, Chrome, is still yet to support Fast Web View (as well as forms submissions and online collaboration).

As Don says, Fast Web View, known to some as “linearization”– allows a browser to request only the info it requires to display the active page — meanwhile it downloads the rest of the document in background.

Personally, I’m more of a fan of the “click, download and view” when it comes to PDF files — I find the alternative quite irritating — however, I know there are some who prefer inline viewing. If you think differently or have had other experiences — please drop us a comment…

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  • Nick Evans said:

    If this is what I’m thinking it is, it’s a pretty necessary function for day-to-day business for me. I work for a real estate office, and a lot of the contracts and forms are done online by PDF submission. Google Chrome can’t handle that, so I have to open a different browser to get my work done. Hurry up, Google.

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