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Read your docs out loud with SpokenText

15 Oct 2008 | | 3 Comments

Have difficulty seeing the screen, or maybe just sore eyes — heck, you might even want to make your own audiobooks — well, SpokenText has got all the answers (well, many of them so it seems) with its mostly free service for converting documents into audio recordings.

You can record PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint, RSS news feeds, emails and webpages into Podcast and MP3s.

Take a look at the demo I prepared earlier….

1. Original PDF: Use “Create Adobe PDF Online” to save as PDF

2. SpokenText MP3: Use “Create Adobe PDF Online” to save as PDF

A full subscription to the service removes the SpokenText advertising from the converted MP3, and also allows you to store the files in your account on the SpokenText server. You can then send links to these files rather than the file itself.

Worth a look…

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  • Mark McKay said:

    Great post.

    Thanks for taking the time to review my site. I appreciate it.

    If you have any suggestion for how I can improve the site please let me know.

    Mark McKay
    Designer/Developer of SpokenText.net

  • Digital Documents - a blog with an electronic document theme | Debenu Blog said:

    […] Read your docs out loud with SpokenText […]

  • richardmeii said:

    I am looking for an “add on” to Adobe Reader’s “Read Out loud” function that moves the cursor to and highlights the word that is being read. This kind of add on would make it easier to follow along as the file or page is being read.

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