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Scan Documents to PDF on Ubuntu

17 Oct 2008 | | 3 Comments

If you’re a Ubuntu user you might be interested in this tip on how to use gscan2pdf to scan your paper documents to PDF.


To save a scanned document as a PDF file you can use ‘gscan2pdf’.It provides an easy to use GUI to aid the process of converting a scanned document to PDF.

This package is available in the ‘universe’ repository of ubuntu. Install it from the ‘Synaptic Package Manager’.

Launch ‘gscan2pdf’ from the ‘Graphics’ menu.Click on the ‘scan document’ button on the toolbar.A window allowing you to configure your scanner appears.Under the ‘Scan Options’ tab you can set the paper size,choose the compression format and set the resolution.Under the ‘Page Options’ keep the ‘# Pages’ to 1 and check the ‘#’ radio button otherwise the same document would be scanned again and again.

Read the full tip: Scan Documents In PDF

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  • Sam Levine said:

    Nice, I’ll have to try this. I currently use XSane at home (on Ubuntu), and although it’s very stable it tends to make largish PDF files.

  • pearl said:

    Also having the full version of Adobe writer can convert any file to PDF. Photoshop can also do this aswell, save as PDF files.
    Scanning can often come as TIFF or JPEG then quickly converted afterwards.
    OCr scanning can also be used to scan the text in a PDF which makes the document text searchable. Very useful for publishing or distributing.

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    Document Management
    PDF conversion
    Data capture OCR
    Film scanning/card scanning

  • Bart J said:

    Thanks! gscan2pdf is much better than xsane – which didn’t detect my scanner! 🙂

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