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Want to hear more about PDF?

3 Oct 2008 | | One Comment

It’s fair to say that the PDF has always possessed a very passionate following and I believe this is because Adobe have made some really smart decisions over the past 15 years, which have resulted in PDF’s current dominance.

One of those decisions was making PDF an open standard — which meant that anyone could write and sell PDF software. This was perhaps the single smartest decision they made because it produced one of the PDF format’s greatest strengths: an independent eco-system of software developers who wrote countless plug-ins for Acrobat, as well as standard alone software, and heavily promoted PDF through news sites and forums.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to talk about how great PDF is, but rather to highlight a number of great websites where you can get lots of really useful information about working with PDFs.

PDF news, tips and articles

PDF Forums

PDF Blogs

Note: this isn’t a completely comprehensive list — I have added websites that I am currently aware of. If there’s a website that you think should also be placed in this list, please include a link to it in the comments and I’ll happily add it.

Disclosure: Karl De Abrew founder and part-owner of Planet PDF is also co-author on this site. Rowan Hanna also worked in PDF Store, which is affliiated with Planet PDF.


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