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A “suite” set of free pdf tools…

5 Nov 2008 | | One Comment

Just over 1 year old, I’d like to draw your attention to the company A-PDF – yes, another leveraging the benefits of the letter ‘a’ at the start of their name – meaning that they get top-billing in company listings.

Aside from their commercial range of tools — they’ve a range of free simple products, none of which require Adobe Acrobat, and can be used for personal or business use:

  • A-PDF Text Extractor
    Like the name says, it allows you to extract text from PDF files for use in other applications.
  • A-PDF INFO Changer
    Lets you get and set the PDF file properties, such as the author, title, subject and keywords.
  • A-PDF Number
    Allows you to add page numbers to a PDF file. You can set the start page, number position, type of numbering (numeral, roman) and a bunch of other features.

…their commercial products are fairly cheap — ranging from $9.99 USD to $27 USD…

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