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Flex Applications In PDFs

12 Nov 2008 | | No Comment

This is pretty cool: Flex applications embedded in PDFs. When I first saw all of the new Flash and multimedia features announced in Acrobat 9 I was fairly dismissive, but recently I’ve seen some great work that people have been able to do because of these new features — so I’m a lot less skeptical now.

Head on over to James Ward’s blog to see how a Flex application inserted into a PDF.

Another popular means of document exchange is the Portable Document Format (PDF). Like the web, PDFs are also evolving into more than just a document exchange technology. When RIAs are inserted into PDFs, this familiar format for documents becomes a method for exchanging and interacting with data. The primary benefits of using PDFs for data exchange are that PDFs can easily be secured, emailed around, and accessed when offline.

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