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Free Online PDF To Word Conversion Service From Solid Documents

13 Nov 2008 | | 4 Comments

Solid Documents, a leader in PDF to Word conversion technology, has released a free online PDF to Word conversion service. The service provides users with a high number of conversion options that are not typically available in free PDF to Word conversion software, never mind online services. Files must be under 16 MB, but other than that there are no limitations and it is absolutely free.

The service is quite simple: you specify which settings you wish to use for the conversion and then the default email client on your computer is opened and the conversion settings are automatically added to the body of the email — then all you need to do is attach the document you wish to convert and click Send. When the conversion is finished the converted Word document is emailed back to you.

A summary of features:

  • PDF to Word Conversion. Convert your PDF files to Microsoft® Word documents for easy editing.
  • Quality Conversions. No need to waste hours reformatting and reworking your files.
  • Headers and Footers. Advanced options for converting or removing headers and footers.
  • Form Recognition.Form fields are recognized and converted into text boxes for easy editing.
  • Rotated Text Recovery.Convert text from your PDF no matter which way it’s oriented.
  • Hyperlink Detection.URL Hyperlinks in the original PDF are automatically transferred into the new Word document.

This service will no doubt be very popular since the demand for free PDF to Word conversion software is quite high.

Free PDF To Word Conversion Service

Free PDF To Word Conversion Service

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  • Ibanoiva said:

    I have been looking for a free-online pdf to word converter for a while, and I have used several. This product (Solid Documents) did the best job unquestionably.

    Highly recommended.

  • Ibanoiva said:

    Sorry, forgot to mention.

    My PDF file comes from LATEX, I use the Memoire package and several other packages to edit my PhD Thesis into PDF with figures, tables and all that.

    Still the Solid Document online converter did the best job.

    Now my supervisor will be able to read my thesis since he barely uses Word.

  • Rowan Hanna (author) said:

    That’s good to hear. It did the best job and it’s free… hard to beat.

  • DJ said:

    I am looking for conversion the pdf file which is has been secured with password and i couldnt convert the same into word. how can i convert the file into word if the pdf file is being saved with password.?

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