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Hackers Attack Adobe Reader Vulnerability

9 Nov 2008 | | One Comment

According to Computerworld, hackers have begun attempting to exploit one of the vulnerabilities found — and subsequently patched — in Adobe Reader last week. Users of Adobe Reader 8.1.2 and earlier versions are urged to either upgrade to Adobe Reader 9, which does not have the same vulnerability, or to update to version 8.1.3 — if you’re unable to install version 9.

In addition, users are encouraged to not download files from web pages or emails — be they PDF files, ZIP files, or EXE files, etc — from sources they do not trust.

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  • MilitaryMapUsers said:

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    For military and homeland security map users that are not able to use Adobe Reader due to the fact that hackers can take over their computers and access sensitive/confidential information, this alternative PDF viewing solution is a free and viable solution.

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