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Make Your PDF Print-Ready Before You Send It To The Printers

24 Nov 2008 | | No Comment

TutorialBlog has another useful PDF tutorial. This time they cover a topic — making sure your document is print-ready before you send it to the printers — that deserves more than a little attention. Countless headaches are caused (and money is wasted) by people sending documents to the printers that are not print-ready.

The tutorial covers three main areas or concern when prepping PDF documents for the printers: images/graphics, fonts and colors.

Preparing your document for print has become much easier over the past few years. Some printers now only require a high quality PDF file for printing. Others may still ask for the native file along with the fonts and images used in the document.

This article is going to take a closer look at the 2nd option. We’ll discuss the items to double-check and the files to include when sending your document for print. And, we’ll look at a few cleanup steps we want to do within the native file before declaring it truly “print-ready.” The more we follow these steps prior to printing, the more likely we can keep the relationship with our printer on the up-and-up.

Read the full tutorial: Is Your Document Print-Ready?.

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