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Tips On Batch OCR’ing Scanned Documents in Adobe Acrobat

24 Nov 2008 | | No Comment

Jonathan Bowman has posted some useful tips on how to batch OCR scanned documents in Adobe Acrobat on his AEC & EPC blog:

In a previous blog entry I showed how you can take a scanned document and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) the document.  This is turn will allow you to be able to search in the document for words or phrases.  In the AEC industry we heavily rely on scanned documents.  To be able to search across those documents is extremely important when trying to find valuable project information.  I am going to use this blog entry to show you how you can you the Batch Processing feature in Adobe Acrobat to OCR multiple documents at once.

Read the full tip here: Batch OCR Scanned Documents in Adobe Acrobat.

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