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An Introduction To JavaScript for Acrobat From Sitepoint

12 Dec 2008 | | No Comment

Having worked in the PDF industry for the past six years I’d forgotten that a lot of people — especially web developers — probably don’t know that JavaScript is supported within PDFs. Well it is and Sitepoint has published an article that talks about Javascript in PDFs from the perspective of people who have previously mainly worked with JavaScript in a web browser. An excerpt:

In web development our use of JavaScript is intertwined with the browser’s DOM API, and we don’t often separate the two. Acrobat 9, a component of most versions of the recently released Adobe Creative Suite 4, supports JavaScript 1.7, complete with all the top level objects you’re used to like Date and RegExp. You can use closures and functions can be passed around as objects. Object properties can be accessed via their names or dot notation; app.language and app[“language”] both refer to the same property.

Read the full article here: An Introduction to JavaScript for Acrobat.

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