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PDF Tools For Linux

11 Dec 2008 | | No Comment

Linux hasn’t received much attention from the PDF world over the years and it’s not hard to understand why. First, Linux relies on open source developers (i.e. people doing stuff for free) and PDF creators, editors and viewers don’t appear to be on the priority list. Second, most of the PDF community — Adobe as well as independent PDF developers — do their work for profit, so they aren’t willing to dedicate time to making their applications Linux compatible if there isn’t a tangible return. Mac and Windows users are generally happy to buy software; Linux users, not so much.

Having said that, some good time have given up their time to create some PDF applications for Linux. Here’s a quick reference point if you’re looking for some of these applications:

Post a link in the comments if you think any other Linux PDF relevant links should be added to this list. Enjoy!

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