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Using PDF Portfolios For Case Analysis

16 Dec 2008 | | No Comment

Rick Borstein, from Acrobat for Legal Professionals, takes a look at how PDF portfolios can be used for Case Analysis in a three part series.

Case Analysis is the process of reviewing documents associated with a case and making decisions about them. For example, you might use Acrobat to help you find:

  • Documents containing your clients name
  • Documents which relate to a specific issue
  • Documents which are privileged

A PDF Portfolio is a single PDF document which contains other documents. By keeping the documents together in a PDF Portfolio, we can accelerate document review.

Part 1: PDF Portfolios for Case Analysis: Part 1
Part 2: PDF Portfolios for Case Analysis: Part 2
Part 3: Case Analysis Part III: Exporting a PDF Portfolio List to a Spreadsheet

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