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Acrobat.9-download.com – Its Spam, So Why Does It Rank So High In Google, Yahoo and Live Search?

14 Jan 2009 | | No Comment

I was about to write a post mocking Live Search for displaying a spam site as the number one search result for “acrobat 9 download”, until I did searches on Google and Yahoo for the same terms, at which point I decided to mock them all.

First off, what is acrobat.9-download.com? Well, I’m not precisely sure what their exact game it is, but whatever it is, it looks mighty fraudulent. Visit their website and they try to give you the impression that you can download Adobe Acrobat 9 – but truth is you can’t, since it’s a scam site. If the domain name doesn’t set off the alarm bells in your brain then perhaps the file size – which they list as a  minuscule 22.4 MB, but in reality the Acrobat 9 installer for Windows from Adobe.com is a whopping 330~ MB – will do it. Or perhaps the fact that under the key features they list ‘Official 8.1 version’, but hey, wait a minute, I thought I was downloading Acrobat 9? Yes sir indeed, it’s a spam/scam site.

So how do Microsoft, Google and Yahoo explain these search result pages then?

Acrobat 9 download - Live Search screen shot

Acrobat 9 download - Google screen shot

Acrobat 9 download - Yahoo screen shot

It’s expected that a certain amount of spam will make its way into search results, but this website has been live and in search results since mid-2008, and if you believe the traffic estimates that Quantcast display, then it is receiving 119,389 visits per month – which isn’t exactly peanuts.

Microsoft, Google and Yahoo need to do some tweaking.

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