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Adobe Acrobat 9 + Windows 7: We Have Lift-Off!

26 Jan 2009 | | 83 Comments

UPDATE 27 November 2009: Looking to get answers to any more Windows 7, PDF and Adobe Acrobat issues? We’ve just launched a new question and answer site for all of your PDF questions.

A few days ago I tested Adobe Reader 9 on Windows 7 and didn’t discover any major issues. Adobe Reader worked correctly despite the fact that Windows 7 is not yet a supported platform. Today I thought I’d try the same with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.

The good news is that I was able to install Acrobat 9 Pro on Windows 7 without experiencing any issues. Rudimentary testing of some of the basic functionality hasn’t revealed any obvious issues. I can view PDFs, print PDF, extract pages, add bookmarks, reduce file size, etc. I’m sure that there are bugs hidden away somewhere, but on the surface it looks like you could get away with running Acrobat 9 on the Windows 7 beta.

Acrobat 9 on Windows 7

Has anyone else tried testing this? Any questions to ask or different experiences to report?

UPDATE: Karl has tried rechecking browser viewing using the latest Adobe Reader 9.1 and the new Windows 7 Ultimate (version 6, build 7100)  — still no luck. We’ll try Adobe Acrobat shortly, but I’ll certainly be surprised if there’s any change…

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  • Bill said:

    I am using Windows 7 64 bit. Adobe Pro 9 and Reader 9 and IE 8.

    Had the same trouble with viewing inside IE until I clicked on the compatablility view icon in IE8 (the one the looks like a torn piece of paper) and then everything worked fine.

  • Angie said:

    I have recently installed Windows 7 and now Microsoft office will not run and I can not print from Adobe 9.3.

  • Don Anderson said:

    If both Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Reader installed enable “Display PDF in browser” from edit > preferences > internet menu only in one application, otherwise
    i. nothing is displayed when accessing a .pdf file from Firefox; and
    on exit
    ii. Firefox window will close;
    iii. Task Manager will indicate Firefox is not running; and
    iv. trying to restart Firefox will result in error message
    where the only solution is to restart Windows

  • Ishita said:

    Is it possible to open pdf in acrobat professional 9.0 in browser on windows 7???I have tried it for both internet explorer and firefox…but it always open pdf in reader in browser..please reply..its urgent..

  • Braithwaite said:

    Landon reported a problem with Adobe 9 frying his print spooler. (# 14 January 2010 at 9:47 pm). We had similar problems in January but an update arrived from Adobe shortly thereafter and fixed the problem. I had a new Windows 7 update a few days ago. The problem has now returned.

  • numec12 said:

    Adobe 9 works in Windows 7 64 however the updates will not install, I uninstalled Adobe and in the registry and reinstalled then checked foe updates which there is and it won’t install. any ideas?

  • Matt said:

    I think this will work: Click on All Programs, right click on Acrobat, select Properties, select Compatibility, check Run this program in compatibility mode for, and then select Windows XP (Service Pack 3). That appears to allow you to download and install the updates.

  • Elbita said:

    Someone can certainly tell me if Acrobat Pro Extended 9.0 works propertly on Windows 7 Home Premium? I’ll try to install Acrobat Pro 7 on Windows 7 Home Premium but it doest’n works for conveting files! I have removed it and now I have Acrobat Pro Extended 9.0, but I’m affraid of installing it on Windows 7 Home Premium and have troubles again! It’s amazing that Adobe still has not solved these issues with Windows 7…

  • Maksi said:

    9.1-3 did nothing but crash upon launching no matter what fix we tried. After much troubleshooting on Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit, the best solution we found was to download and install Adobe 8.2 which works flawlessly. It is the fully patched version of version 8 so security is not a big problem.
    The issue is to download version 8.2, you have to tell the current Adobe downloader that your OS is Windows 2003. If you do, it gives you the option of downloading Reader 9.3 OR 8.2.

    Installed 8.2 and everything works.

  • Terry Rushing said:

    My problem is that I can install adobereader v.9.0 or v.9.3 it don’t matter,but when I go to click on it, windows has to close down. Somebody please help.Really don’t know what to do. I have just bought this tower from Dell (Inspiron580) and Windows is working just fine, but the adobereader that I am useing it will not work. I am doing something wrong,but what I do not know.

  • Jon P said:

    I am having a problem installing Adobe Pro 9 which came as a part of my very Adobe CS5 on my windows 7 OS. Working the issue as we speak. Anyone else experience any issue?

  • Karl De Abrew said:

    @Terry — when you say that Windows has to close down — do you mean that a dialog pops up saying it has reboot your computer. I think you might find that it is this:

    http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/332/332745.html#Errorr “Need to reboot the computer after you run the Adobe Update Manager

    Annoying to say the least….

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  • Srinivas said:

    Hi ,
    I have a stange problem with opening PDF file in IE Browser. When my application tries to open the PDF IE window appears for few seconds and closes in fraction of seconds. I am generating and calling PDF from java(Using itext 2.3 PDF generator)

    same thing ias working in windows XP…not in windows 7..
    any help is appriciated

    thank you

  • Eric said:

    placing reader 9.3 on win 7 translated to most of the menus to be
    whited out or blank & inoperable!

    Best solution was to have Vista on “C” and Win 7 ON “D”

    –Vista for important apps and /7 as a stream lined low app config. for efficient networking… that’z all!

    Files transfer between Disks is just fine and switching systems occurs at startup!

  • Eric said:

    Comments yesterday were incorrect. I opened a pdf and found the blanc menu to light up…all is ok with Reader 9 on Win 7! …thank you

  • Eric said:

    Make sure all windows updates are completed before testing Adobe or any other software, because windows updating now includes downloads for other software like adobe through Windows updates!

  • Aimee said:

    I had my acrobat 9 standard installed via upgrade from acrobat 6 on my old Dell with Windows XP. Loved being able to specify a custom/specific flat-bed scanning size or using the feeder for specific paper sizes. But then C drive on Dell died and I bought a new HP desktop with Windows 7 a couple weeks later. In the mean time before buying new HP, for some reason, even though Adobe says my serial # should be good on 2 computers and that my serial # is valid, when I tried using the same CD-ROM to upgrade my 6 to 9 standard on my Acer netbook with XP, the download registration window said it was invalid. So I had to download free 30-day trial of Acrobat 9 Pro (before purchasing my new HP) and also did the same trial download on my new HP. I also had to install the Windows 7 driver for my HP8500 printer cuz the CD-ROM was for only up to XP….

    Now I CANNOT specify my flatbed size nor a specific feeder size using Acrobat 9 Pro on Windows 7. Even though I can tell it a custom size in the TWAIN configure presets step or using custom scan (essenitally the same thing), it scans my whole legal size flatbed glass, even if I told it regular letter size paper!! I’m not very happy about this. It lets me specify the scan size, but still and always scans legal.

    Anyone know if there’s some sort of setting somewhere to correct this?


  • Steve said:

    the only problem we are experiencing is Acrobat 9.3 pro with Windows 7 is it crashes when opening multiple files. Any solutions?

  • Steve said:

    the only problem we are experiencing is Acrobat 9.3 pro with Windows 7 is it crashes when opening multiple files. Just did the update and that didn’t change anything. Any solutions?

  • David said:


    I have purchaed a new Dell Studio with Intel i7 and 4 megs of RAM. I have installed Office 10 with no problems and ADOBE PRO EXTENDED. This loaded ok however it has frozen a few times. I have tried to surch for updates and in the Update button in the help menu Adobe comes up with a message to say I have no connection. Obviously this is not correct.
    Also every now and again I get a message that states Data base has issues and Adobe will close.

    However I have maged to use Adobe documents, drawings, and Forms and it has ben ok. However there is still a lot of work to be done. Does any one know of an update for Adobe 9 extended that I can load for Windows 7?.


  • David said:


    I was using my HP scanner yesterday and tried to scan in from my printer which said i needed the hp software, however when I went on the HP site it stated that windows 7 has already the software built in. So I used the Window 7 software to scan and all was ok.


  • Karl De Abrew said:


    You may find the best place to ask these question is in our help forum at -> http://help.4xpdf.com/


  • Ifti said:

    Everytime I open Adobe 9 and try to do something, it just closes on me,if i’m really fast then i can do something before it closes on me.

    Any solution?

  • claudia said:

    When I installed Adobe pro 8 in my new windows 7 ultimate the nightmare started! Adobe should not released adobe 9 family because all have problems. In orther for me to keep working I had to create a pdf printer by adding a local printer and loading the driver from adobe cd acrobar pro 8 & also got a free pdf “cutepdf” from the web until I figurate out both win 7 & adobe CS4 installation issues (nightmare installations errors 2, 1603, etc)
    thanks to all for all your comments!

  • Michael said:

    I have installed 9.3.3 on a windows 7 64 bit machine. Everything else works fine. I get errors on every document. error 135 . this page is not readable. There are errors on this page and cannot be read.

    These documents were all readable when I had an xp machine. And if fact these documents have to be read by going to my wife’s computer and printing them out.

    Major problems with window 7 64 bit

  • JerryI said:

    I installed AR 9.3.3 on this XP 32-bit machine and have had problems including inability to read PDF files and cannot shut down 9.3.3 except by using Task Manager. I am able to read the same file on another nearly identical computer with an unknown version of AR which I have just now upgraded to 9.2.0, after Adobe’s pesky interruption, to which I finally relented. v 9.2.0 reads the file that I have trouble with on the first machine. It seems strange that there is a v. 9.3.3 out and that Adobe is today prompting upgrades to 9.2.0 from earlier versions. So I guess I will uninstall AR from this machine and see what Adobe suggests I install when I click on a pdf.

  • Tim said:

    I had Acrobat 9.0 with updates through 9.2 and Microsoft Office 2007 on my laptop for several months an all worked fine. With Update 9.3 no other program, including Adobe products, can not Print to PDF in the print menu.
    Examination of preferences file in Acrobat 9.3.4; Convert to PDF, shows that I can not edit the settings because it can not access the settings file.
    This all started with the 9.3 update….

  • Chrystin said:

    Just got a new computer. The non-functionality of Adobe Pro 9 is driving me wild. I need this program. It is now DOA doing absolutely nothing. Every time I try to print an e-mail it locks up the computer. I had no problems at all with XP. I’m seriously considering returning this brand new built to order computer, all because of a totally stupid OS.

  • Rick Grossman said:

    After installing the update 9 will not allow presets for scanning. I must use the custom settings each time.

  • Ram said:

    I just had the same problem with Acrobat 9 – it suddenly stopped working, and sent me an error message saying it had encountered a problem and stopped working. I only used it for about 10 minutes when this happened.

  • TTSchiller said:

    We’ve got Acrobat Pro 9, Windows 7 64 bit. I do have admin rights. Does anyone know how to create a custom paper size? I tried creating a new form per the instructions in this link below but when the new paper size option was not available when I tried to print a PDF. I tried choosing the options to in Acrobat to let the paper size determin the paper size but no luck. Did not find the custom paper size I created in other applications either. This is so easy in XP what am I missing?


  • Jamee said:

    Acrobat 9 Pro loaded fine, had to load Acrobat reader to get document to open in internet explorer and firefox. Can’t seem to get it to create a pdf document in word. Had to print it to pdf before it would create.

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