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Everyone’s Going Paperless These Days

7 Jan 2009 | | No Comment

I get daily Google Alerts sent to me for the keywords “paperless” and “paperless office”, as you might have noticed, it’s a topic I’m interested in.

Through this I have noticed a strong trend towards people embracing the concept of a paperless office; people openly acknowledging that paper is inefficient and costly and that a move to an electronic orientated system would save them time and money.

I thought I’d put together a small preview of the various businesses and Government departments that have decided to “go paperless” over the past few months.

  • Prosecutor to Go ‘Paperless’: The Ohio County Prosecutor’s Office may soon get some relief from the ”overwhelming” amount of paperwork staffers must sift through every day.
  • LIC marches towards a paperless office: Moving towards a paperless office, the policy records of all the 32 lakh customers of Life Insurance Corporation of India’s Madurai division (as on November 30, 2008) would be digitized by this fiscal.
  • The day the set went paperless: The paper virtually disappeared during filming of The Day the Earth Stood Still. The art department went completely digital, posting photos and designs on a website in order to cut down on wasteful printing. The wardrobe people moved to digital photography to monitor their costume fittings. Storyboards and notebooks were reborn in the computer.
  • NCSBN Nursys.com to Launch Completely Paperless Verification: The National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s (NCSBN®) Nursys.com Web site will implement paperless verifications beginning Jan. 1, 2009. As of this date, paper Nursys verification request forms will no longer be accepted by NCSBN.
  • Circuit clerk has visions of paperless filing system: Kanawha County Circuit Court is piloting an electronic filing program that will first ease the process for some mass litigation and pave the way for computer filing of many other legal papers in the future.
  • In ‘green’ effort, schools go paperless to promote events:  Schools have long relied on one emissary to deliver paperwork into parents’ hands: students’ backpacks. But driven by environmental and economic concerns, many schools now are posting notices online, instead, to remind parents of next week’s dance recital or alert them to a new program at the local library. One school described the effort as taking back the backpack for academic concerns.
  • Dentist office goes paperless: In what Robert Wood calls “the old days,” the team at Dr. Robin Wood Dentistry would sit around one computer in the conference room and print out the day’s schedule.

As you can see, there is lots of action in this area and 2009 is promising to be an exciting year for the advancement of the paperless office.

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