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Making PDFs more accessible…for everybody

5 Jan 2009 | | No Comment

The New York Times covers an unique individual, Mr. T. V. Raman, whose efforts have made significant inroads for accessibility across a number of tech companies (IBM, Adobe, and Google), the industry and community at large.

As it relates to PDF, back in the 1990s at Adobe Systems (prior to starting work  at Google in 2005), Mr. T. V. Raman, helped to adapt the PDF format for screen readers. Dr John Warnock, founder and chairman of Adobe Systems said:

“It was incredibly important to us as a business, and to the blind,”

This was a big step forward for the blind in using PDF which was considered to be the defacto standard for electronic documents at that stage (not yet ratified).

These accessibility changes to PDF were required for use by the federal goverment, and also for support in ratifying PDF as a bona-fide global standard.

I’d encourage you to read the rest of his story

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